¿How did register already?

To register an account Yalahice click on register your property, then click on register we open the registration form which must be completed, then we click on send registration request, and our account ready been created.


¿How to register my property?

To registar your property must have an active account Yalahice, then log on to our website, then you need to go to the section of my properties, then click on add propiedadad, we fill the data on the form, we click on continue expect a maximum period of 24 hours for an administrator authorizes our property.


¿How to register my advertising?

To register an advertisement, must have an active account Yalahice, login and go to the user menu, you click on my ads, then we will hire advertising, fill out the form recruitment advertising and got our banner has to have a measure of 720x150 pixels, selecting the payment method the appropriate process for that method will open when you click save demos and get hiring costs.


¿How to advertise my property charge in the magazine?

The price per property advertised in our magazine is $ 500 includes printed edition of 15,000 copies and digital.


¿How much are the ads in interactive or print magazine?

Prices include free digital magazine to see the prices and measures available please visit their status within the section prices and promotions.


¿How long does my ad on the web?

2 months, 4 months and 6 months are the options you have for the duration of your ad on our website.


¿How long does the publication in print or interactive magazine?

The print edition is bimonthly and will stay while in the interactive magazine.


¿How many photos can I upload?

1 picture in the magazine business both as interactive and page a maximum of 5 photos per property


¿How many properties can I upload to the web?

the publication of properties in Yalahice has no limit.


¿How to register another property?

to have an active account Yalahice is simply go to the tab user menu, then go to my properties and we click add property and go back to rellanar the form and hope that an administrator within a period no longer than 24 hours authorized.


¿How do I cancel my property?

Within your user menu in my properties section you can see all your active or inactive properties and shares owned just have to click on delete.


¿How can I pay?

You have two Paypal options form online and deposit to our bank account, the Select what you want to hire you must choose one of two options to finalize the order process the method that selecionaste, in case of paypal will begin the process started enlinea payment in the case of bank deposit you will be sent an email with information on how to deposit correctly, in the case of bank deposit when making the payment is due to confirm ventasqroo@yalahice.com


I lost my password as I can get it back?

webmaster@yalahice.com send an email to the email with which you registered your account Yalahice.


¿I'm wrong in my ad How I can correct?

Within your user menu in the section of my properties you can see all your active or inactive properties and shares owned just have to click on edit, once you have done this and corrected the error sent back the announcement to authorization within a period not exceeding 24 hours shall be permitted.


How to locate the seller and he answered?

Within the property to your liking there are direct contact details phone and email, the information is personal, direct dealings are among our customers, we are not intermediaries.


How I can report abuse, extortion, false information or attempted fraud?

Send an email to webmaster@yalahice.com with mail, code property and evidence or lived experience.


How do I locate the magazine?

Within your state visit the section Distribution magazine, here are the places where you can get a free magazine.


¿En que estados se encuentran?

At the moment the magazine is only active in:
Quintana Roo


What municipalities are?

Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Tulum, Akumal, Cozumel, Carillo Puerto, Limones Mahahual, Bacalar y Chetumal


How many copies are distributed?

15,000 copies distributed throughout quintana roo.


How do I correct errors and my data?

send an email to webmaster@yalahice.com requesting corrections you need.


How do I register as a real estate consultant?

Send an email to agentesinmobiliarios@yalahice.com with the following information: Full name, state and municipality property it represents, phone and email in the mail attach a photo of you and your ife, to verify your data.


How I can represent YALAHICE in my state?

send an email to alejandro@yalahice.com


I want to just advertise on the website

you can hire your publish the free on page directly into your account and section of my advertising. fill out the form recruitment advertising and got our banner has to have a measure of 720x150 pixels, selecting the payment method the appropriate process for that method will open when you click save demos and get hiring costs.


What is the difference between an Independent Real Estate Advisory and Real Estate of Yalahice Advisor?

The Real Estate Advisory staff Yalahice is supported and trained by YALAHICE has the ability to represent our clients on behalf of our company, we are confident in their methods and answer for them.

Independent Real Estate Advisor represents another real estate or independent broker and does not represent Yalahice, has passed a hiring process to appear on our website where data are validated, the agreement they reach them is between you and the, YALAHICE not participate.


How I can verify a property of another state?

Ads properties have direct customer contact if the property is managed by the Real Estate Advisory Yalahice can request the necessary information with full confidence that there is support from YALAHICE or may request a counselor and either independent or YALAHICE to perform the necessary research of the property of interest.


Can you report an Independent Real Estate Advisor or Yalahice?

If, in case of incurring any missing or that the information provided by the consultant do not give good image can send an email to webmaster@yalahice.com to the report, you must appoint the advisor you want to report.


I Went scammed! An Independent Real Estate Advisor I swindled What can I do?

deliver information in question advisor prior sample demand, YALAHICE does not endorse any Independent Real Estate Advisor only to our trained personnel.